About S.A.A.

Through our Outreach programs,workshops,educational programs and seminars we will  increase awareness within communities that will enable us to help various groups, individuals and families who are in need of our assistance.

Our Advocate Program will provide assistance to help families comply with authorities in regards to licensing, the BSL (Breed Specific Legislation), DOLA (Dog Owners Liability Act), and their right to fight or appeal decisions made by local authorities, as well as the seizure of your animal.

We will also host Wellness Events to encourage and teach health care,spay and neuter awareness, vaccinations,and vet care for low income families and individuals and offer financial assistance.

We promote the idea that all Pet Owners should know how to care for and handle the furbaby in the family. We offer our “PET OWNERSHIP TRAINING”. This will be a class for the whole family to attend and will receive a “RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERSHIP CERTIFICATE”. (A special one for the children)

The organization will provide financial assistance to the various animal rescues,and shelters to assist in the fees involved with overall care of the animals including transportation,adoption or pull fees.supplies, etc.

We will make every effort to gather information to compile a database of convicted animal abusers. This provides a database for local authorities,privately registered rescues and shelters, or families looking to adopt out a pet to ensure it will be going to a safe and loving home!

We are all aware of cats that roam the neighborhoods with no where to go for shelter, warmth, love, or food. We will develop a “PLACEMENT PROGRAM” for Ferral cats. This program will work with authorities to live trap, spay or neuter to prevent the over population, vaccinating to prevent sickness and disease, and place them with local farmers in the communities that will give them a warm shelter and food while allowing the cats to roam as they nothing else. These are cats that chances are will never be domesticated, but atleast with this program they will have the chance at a healthy happy life with a roof over there head and food in there tummies.