Letter from the Members

From the members of Storms Animal Allies ,

The mission of storms Animal Allies is to ensure that there comes a day when every animal has a safe, loving home where they are respected, nurtured and valued as a family member. We are working towards a time when animals do not have to die simply because the owners has fallen in a rut, or because shelters and rescues are over crowded or for the fact that they may look like a specific breed (BSL).

Day after day we sit  at the computer and watch all those faces of unwanted, abused or forgotten furbabies.  Looking into their eyes while seeing their spirits fade. We watch  loving owners cry out for help because they can not keep their furry family member due to changing circumstances, or could not afford the vet bills, and for some can even afford the food. We see dogs being seized by the authorities and the owner not knowing where to turn for help to get their family member back, or someone has found a furbaby and not know where to turn, as they did not want to take it to the authorities for fear it would not adopted, would face euthanization or being sold for research. And then there are the rescues, welfare groups, and shelters  with hearts of angels that  reach out to help but really have no finances or resource either, all at their limit as as well..over budget, over crowed, under staff with volunteers, etc…

We are fighters against the Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).The government imposed a law that was unjust and cruel!!! (go to Info on Pit Bull Ownership to read the details) The fight is very cost,,,but what price can we honestly place on an animals life?  We have fought and won many cases and have saved many dogs from being put down under this law!. We believe in the phrase “PUNISH THE DEED NOT THE BREED”. Responsible animal ownership is what we should be trying to achieve, not the killing of innocent family pets! For the many many heartbreaking stories STORMS ANIMAL ALLIES WAS FORMED,,,

We felt that if there were a central point for people to get the resources and finances they need, as well as articles of information, education, etc… animal owners, shelters and rescues could help many many more needy animals.

All of the members are volunteers and will do everything we can do help!

However we can not do this alone..We need your help!!!  Your donations make all this possible!

We have had to turn away so many  due to lack of  funding. It is  heartbreaking when we lose another animal that could have been helped  …Please donate to this worthy cause.

From the bottoms of our hearts we thank you!