The Dog’s 11 Prayers

1. My life could last 10-15 years, and every time I am away from you I suffer a little. Think of this before adopting me. 2. Neuter me. Millions of dogs are unwanted every year, and every newborn puppy keeps a dog in… a shelter, or causes one to be put to sleep.

3. Be patient with me, give me the time to understand what you would like me to do. Most people only understand one language, I am expected to know 2: the human and the canine.

4. Trust me, because you’re my whole world.

5. Don’t be cross with me for too long when I make a mistake: you have your work, your friends and your fun, I have only you.

6. Talk to me. Even if I don’t understand the words, I love listening to you and getting to know your voice among all others!

7. Know that I will always forgive you, but I will never forget and whatever you do to me will mark me forever.

8. Before thinking of beating me, remember that I could bite back if I wanted to, but I would never choose to do so.

9. Before telling me off for being stubborn, lazy or slow, ask yourself if anything is wrong with me; maybe the food you are giving me is not appropriate, I’ve been too long in the sun or I’m simply getting older.

10. Please take care of me when I get older. You will too one day, and you will need someone to take care of you.

11. When the day will come for my last journey, please be near me. Don’t say that you can’t stand to see me die, don’t let me face that scary last moment alone. With you by my side I will feel safe, and it will be easier for me to say goodbye to you, knowing that you love me and that you are doing the best by me, as I have always done for you.

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