WE HAVE OUR OWN REIKKI MASTER – TEACHER,,,,,She does moms, dads, and the furbabies…She is one of the only animal Reiki instructors in Ontario.


WE ARE DOING A REIKI MONTH FOR JANUARY…all proceeds to Storms Animal Allies

Homeopathy for pets is an alternative set of natural remedies that can be used safely and effectively to treat common dog illnesses. Not sure what exactly homeopathy is? You have come to the right place! Please read on … This page will answer a lot of questions that many pet owners have regarding this alternative treatment for pets:

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a distinct, comprehensive and deep healing system originally developed about 200 years ago.  Homeopathy for pets aims to aid and stimulate the pets own defense and immune processes. It uses small doses of specially prepared (“potentized”), highly diluted remedies to set the body’s systems back in order and stimulate the body’s own energy toward a natural healing process. Homeopathic remedies are derived from a variety of plants, animal materials and minerals. These remedies are prescribed to fit the needs of each individual person or animal, given in much smaller and less toxic doses than traditional medications, and are used for both prevention and treatment.

Are Homeopathic Remedies Safe for My Furbaby?

Yes! They usually are. Homeopathic remedies are given in very diluted forms. They do not contain any chemicals or added colors in them. Moreover, since they work with the body’s immune system, not in spite of it, they usually do not cause adverse reactions. However, this does not mean that homeopathy for pets is totally harmless. Homeopathic remedies are harmless only when selected properly and used in moderate potencies for a limited period of time, or when used under the     careful guidance of a holistic veterinarian.                                    

If you are in Canada, try and locate a vet that practices homeopathy for pets on

this site.