Info on Pit Bull Ownership

Did you know:

  • Humans have been living with dogs for about 15,000 years AND pitbulls were one of the first breeds.
  • The most famous pit bull was Petey, the adorable ring-eyed cutey featured on the TV show Little Rascals.That Petey was replaced by a look-a-like, or at least a look-a-like with markings that necessitated the eye change. Rumor has it that the original Petey was poisoned.
  • Over the years, many famous Americans have owned pit bulls. Mark Twain, Theodore Roosevelt, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Thomas Edison, Woodrow Wilson, John Steinbeck, Helen Keller, and Fred Astaire have all been proud to own dogs of this breed.
  • that you can legally own a pit bull…Click here
  • A person who did not own any pit bulls on August 29, 2005, will be able to acquire one restricted pit bull. HOWEVER you must comply to BSL  regulations.
  • A person who owned one or more pit bulls on August 29, 2005 will be able to acquire more restricted pit bulls so long as the effect would not be to leave the person with more pit bulls than he or she owned on August 29, 2005.
  • Pounds and humane societies are able to adopt out restricted pit bulls, provided that the transfer of the pit bull to a new owner would not lead to a violation of the restrictions on acquisition

Do you agree: Poorly raised, socialized, and cared for dogs, no matter what breed they are (even the ever perfect Golden Retriever), will be prone to inappropriate aggression.

The BSL is a Breed Specific Legislation that came into effect August 2005.  It bans all “pitbulls” born within 90 days after Aug 2005. This ban includes any dog that “LOOKS LIKE” a pitbull….

D.O.L.A is  Dog Owner Liability Act,,.,,Click Here

Ontario pit bull ban isn’t working, Humane Society says….Click here