Many dogs become distressed when they hear very loud noises such as vacuum cleaners, thunder, and especially fireworks. They may attempt to hide from the noise or even run away. Other common reactions include uncontrollable shaking and destructive behaviours such as chewing through screen doors, or digging under fences in order to escape to safer territory.

In order to prepare for the upcoming fireworks holidays such as Victoria Day, Canada Day and Labour Day celebrations, here are a few tips to help prepare and protect your pet.

  1. Keep your pet indoors during a fireworks display. Do not take your dog with you to watch the celebration. They do not enjoy them the way we do. It is best to take them outside for a bathroom break before sundown or before the beginning of the fireworks. The best place for your pet is to be at home and indoors.
  2. Make sure that during the fireworks, your windows and doors are closed in order to help prevent your pet from hearing it at its full volume. It is best to also shut the blinds and curtains to block the flashing lights produced by the fireworks display. It is also helpful to drown out the noises created by fireworks with the radio or by leaving the television on.
  3. Make sure not to change your behaviour. It is best not to baby your pet as this just reinforces the dog’s fearful behaviour. It is also best not to react to the fireworks yourself. If you tense up or jump, your pet can read your body language which tells your pet there is a reason for their fear.

From a holistic perspective, Rescue Remedy, Chinese herbals or natural medications like L-theanine help with this problem.Have a safe, stress free and happy holiday with your pet!

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